Depending on where our clients fall, we offer a variety of specialized business & media consulting services that range from long-form consulting and on-demand consulting to help get you “media ready"

Starting from scratch? Making a pivot? Looking for a new approach? That's okay. 

Our professional consulting team works alongside you and your company to identify and execute your “social constitution,” which embodies and sustains your entire creative identity through a thoughtfully curated business and media strategy.

We approach the client relationship with empathy, understanding, and authenticity. By prioritizing you and your business’s autonomy, we help ensure that you maintain your creative identity without sacrificing the core intrinsic values that make you, you. 

  • Long-Form Consulting, where we provide business & media consulting services over the course of a 3/6/12 month period on a retainer basis, pursuant to your short-term and long-term objectives.

  • On-Demand Consulting, where we provide business & media consulting services on an hourly basis pursuant to your immediate needs.

  • Comprehensive Media Audits, where we work with you and your company’s leadership team, key partners/advisors, marketing team, and social media team with a deep dive into the folklore and narrative behind your brand that accurately reflects your “social constitution,” including (a) key messaging, (b) mission & vision statements, (c) short-term/long-term objectives, (d) target markets, and (e) previous media coverage.

  • In-House Media Relations & Communications, where we help manage either — your personal or your company’s media outreach & communications strategy for the purposes of creating brand awareness and exposure to industry-relevant media channels spanning digital media. 

  • Project-Based Media Relations & Communications, where we provide tailored media outreach & communications for the purposes of generating brand awareness and exposure around a specific event/launch/activation/pop-up/etc.

  • Media Kit Assembly that comprises company & leadership bios/headshots, strategic advisor & partner bios/headshots, key messaging, press releases/media advisories, approved media-facing photo/video assets, company logos, company/project decks, etc. 

  • Media Decks, where we help you in creating your personalized one-pager/deck, in addition to your company’s media deck or project/event-specific deck(s). 

  • 1-1 Media Training, preparing your media spokesperson and company leadership for any upcoming media interviews and speaking engagements.

  • Conference/Festival Circuits, including identifying thoughtful IRL events for you/your company’s leadership team to engage with potential customers, partners/sponsors, etc. such as speaking opportunities, industry-specific conference circuits, and event vendor opportunities. Requires consultation**


  • Event Management, where we work with you and your leadership/marketing team to help oversee IRL/digitally hosted events, including planning/logistics, photo/video shot lists, media attendance.  Requires consultation**

  • Press Release Composition, where we can compose and/or distribute a press release, media advisory, and/or exclusive media invitation(s).

  • Ghostwriting Services, including employee handbooks, business plans, website privacy policies, and/or internal company materials.

  • Social Media Promotion, including identifying and vetting public figures, key opinion leaders (KOLs), industry-respected influencers to host rooms on X (formerly Twitter), helping compose posts/tweets on client’s social media platforms. Requires consultation**

  • Website Copy Editing/Writing, where we analyze and enhance your personal and/or company’s website content to better reflect the mission and vision statements spanning your products & services.

  • SEO Audits, where our team provides a comprehensive analysis of your digital footprint, spanning online media and digital broadcast programming to ensure you’re being seen in the right markets by your targeted audience. Requires consultation**

  • Digital Broadcast Programming Outreach, where we are able to help facilitate booking opportunities for podcast programming, in addition to local, national, and international media broadcasting. Requires consultation.**

Contact us today for a free consultation or shoot us an email at hello@armediaconsult.com.  

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