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As a husband-wife owned media consulting firm, we prioritize and uphold the sanctity of both the digital media and legal landscapes by incorporating them directly into the client relationship.

Our mission is to empower the everyday entrepreneur to define their own success outside the confines of today’s rigid media landscape, by providing expertise for those who think differently and understand what it means to operate outside the box of society’s expectations.

We approach the client relationship with empathy, understanding, and authenticity. By prioritizing you and your business’s autonomy, we help ensure that you maintain your creative identity without sacrificing the core intrinsic values that make you, you.


AR Media is built upon three core pillars:


Zealous client representation


Proactive reputation management





Throughout our comprehensive client discovery process, we extract and help you lay out the foundation of your social constitution.


By isolating the core values and pillars that underpin your social constitution, we employ proactive reputation management techniques throughout every stage of our working relationship.


By walking in both worlds of media journalism and law, we invest the time necessary to see you, hear you, and advocate for you as your emissary to create an intentional, authentic, and meaningful presence within your world.


Andrew Rossow

Andrew is the founder and CEO of AR Media. His academic background in law, which fuses his love for reading and writing with media journalism, has enabled him to bring the specialized skill sets and ethical responsibilities of a lawyer into the client relationship as he helps guide entrepreneurs who think differently and outside society’s expectations, through the court of public opinion (mainstream media). 

At the start of his legal career, Andrew chose to take an unconventional path that differed from that of a traditional lawyer, and immersed himself in the evolving media landscape after his 2016 legal thesis, Gotta Catch a Lawsuit – highlighting the legal implications mobile augmented reality gaming would soon bring to consumers and SMBs, using the newly launched Pokémon Go game as a case study – garnered significant attention from the legal/tech communities. 

Throughout his active legal career, Andrew has simultaneously balanced the life of a tech journalist and editor across industry-leading publishers, including Forbes, AboveTheLaw, HuffPost, Hypebeast, Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, and more.  

His knowledge and expertise has been featured on local and national programming such as BBC, NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Forbes, Ticker News, CoinDesk, Decrypt, and ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX affiliates throughout the United States. 

He received his J.D. from The University of Dayton School of Law and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University in New York.

Andrew Rossow, Esq.

Founder & CEO

Cassie Bilyeu

Cassie serves as chief operations officer at AR Media. With a background in chemistry and forensic science, Cassie has a keen eye for connecting the dots and driving long-term organizational strategy. 

She worked for over 5 years with the Texas Department of Public Safety as a forensic scientist, and received her Bachelor’s Degree from Washington State University.

Cassie Bilyeu


Amelia Meadows


clients we've worked with

“Keep constant guard over your perceptions, for it is no small thing you are protecting, but your respect, trustworthiness and steadiness…in a word your freedom.”

– Epictetus

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